Deena Shan (Rebellion Comic Book #3) - The Legacy Collection #15, 2008

Deena Shan


This Deena Shan figure was released together with a Luke Skywalker figure in a Comic 2-pack in 2008. The character is based on expanded universe stories and was never seen in any of the Star Wars movies.

The figure has a total of 14 joints, including a ball-jointed neck, ball-jointed elbows, ball-jointed knees and ball-jointed ankles. Thanks to so many joints you can put Deena Shan is any battle position you'd like her to be be in. The blaster included with the figure fits nicely into both of her hands, and it fits just right into the holster located on her right thigh. The back of the figure has a canister on the belt which has a cable running from it, which can be plugged in and out of the suit.

The paint application on the figure is well done with no smudges or any colors looking off. There are no balancing issues. All in all, this Deena Shan figure is a good looking figure, which is super articulated, has a good paint application and resembles the comic book character very well. If you are a fan of Star Wars comic books or the expanded universe, this figure can easily be recommended!


Luke receives a message from his old friend Janek Sunber, a lieutenant in the Imperial Army, saying he wants to join the Rebellion. Everyone thinks itGÇÖs a trap except Luke. The Jedi goes on an unauthorized mission to find Sunber and is joined by Deena Shan, who is looking for adventure, and a chance to prove her worth.

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