Wes Janson (Rebel Pilot Legacy I) - The Legacy Collection 2008

Wes Janson


This Wes Janson figure was released in The Legacy Collection in an evolution 3-pack in 2008. Wes Janson was seen in The Empire Strikes Back during the Battle Of Hoth, controlling the harpoon in Wedge Antilles' Snowspeeder.

The action figure is super articulated with 14 joints, including ball-joints in the neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, knees and ankles. Hasbro included a Snowspeeder pilot helmet and a blaster. The helmet fits very well over the head with the visor covering the eyes and the microphone being close to the mouth. The rebel blaster fits quite well into both of the figure's hands.

The paint application is done very well, especially the markings on Wes Janson's helmet stand out. The figure's flight suit is kept in a clean, pristine condition. Like on most of the Rebel pilot's orange flight suits, the cable running from the chestbox can be plugged in and out in the suit.

All in all, this Wes Janson figure is fantastic in every way. It's a super articulated figure, nicely detailed and looks like Wes Janson. This figure can easily be recommended!


The legacy of Rebel pilots is one of uncompromising independence and gritty determination. These are the pilots who crushed the Empire and became the architects of the elite squadrons to come. Dorovio Bold flies an X-wing at the Battle of Yavin, going cannon-to-cannon against Imperial fighters. During the Battle of Hoth, Wes Janson toppled an AT-AT walker with a skillfully unorthodox maneuver. Ten Numb helped achieve victory at the Battle of Endor flying a weapons-packed B-wing. From hotshots to heroes, Alliance pilots built a legacy that has given birth to countless tales of glory throughout the galaxy.

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