Shira Brie (Rebel Pilot Legacy III) - The Legacy Collection 2009

Shira Brie


This Shira Brie figure was released during The Legacy Collection in a Walmart exclusive Evolution 3-pack in early September 2009. The character Shira Brie appears in several expanded universe comic book stories, and becomes later known as Lumiya.

The figure is super articulated with 14 joints, including a ball-jointed neck, ball-jointed elbows, a ball-jointed waist, ball-jointed knees and ball-jointed ankles. The paint job is well done and shows Shira in a "clean" look without any dirt or wear on the X-Wing suit. Shira Brie's chest computer is permanently attached, but the cable running from it can be plugged in and out on her left side, right above her belt.

Both blasters fit quite well in her hands, but only the "Han-Solo-Type" blaster fits into the holster. The helmet fits well over the head in the front, but it's a bit short in the back and Shira's hair shows underneath. The figure is well balanced and you should not have any big problems getting her to stand straight on her own. Her hair cut looks good, although her hair feels a bit short when compared to the drawings in the comic books.

All in all, this Shira Brie figure fits right in with all the other Rebel pilots released so far. She looks great when lined-up with the rest of the Rogue Squadron, and because she is a female, and shorter in height, she'll add some variety to your rebel pilots.


Rebel Alliance fighter pilots have a legacy of bravery that ultimately carries them to victory against the Imperial forces of the Galactic Empire. John D. Branon ("Red Four") flies in Red Squadron at the Battle of Yavin, losing his life in the attack on the Death Star. Shira Brie joins Rogue Squadron after the Battle of Hoth and gains the trust of her fellow pilots. Jake Farrell pilots an A-wing at the Battle of Endor and celebrates the end of the evil Empire.

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