Jake Farrell (Rebel Pilot Legacy III) - The Legacy Collection 2009

Jake Farrell


This Jake Farrell figure was released during The Legacy Collection in a Walmart exclusive Evolution 3-pack in early September 2009. Jake Farrell is an A-Wing pilot who can be seen flying into the 2nd Death Star along with Lando and Nien Nunb in Return Of The Jedi.

The figure is super articulated with 14 movable joints, and it stands safely without the need for a stand. The blaster fits well into both of Farrell's hands, and the helmet fits nicely over his head. The A-Wing pilot is kept in a clean look and doesn't have any kind of dirt or battle damage on his suit. The face sculpt especially stands out as it is extremely well done and painted without any flaws.

Jake Farrell's chestbox is permanently attached, but the cable running from it can be plugged in and out of the flight suit. All in all, this A-Wing pilot figure is very well done with lots of joints, a cool head sculpt and a nice paint application. If you are looking to expand your Rebel pilot figures, you can't go wrong by adding Jake Farrell to your collection!


Rebel Alliance fighter pilots have a legacy of bravery that ultimately carries them to victory against the Imperial forces of the Galactic Empire. John D. Branon ("Red Four") flies in Red Squadron at the Battle of Yavin, losing his life in the attack on the Death Star. Shira Brie joins Rogue Squadron after the Battle of Hoth and gains the trust of her fellow pilots. Jake Farrell pilots an A-wing at the Battle of Endor and celebrates the end of the evil Empire.

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