R4-J1 (Attack Of The Clones) - The Legacy Collection 2008



This R4-J1 figure was a build-a-droid figure and was released during The Legacy Collection's wave 2 in July 2008. The astromech droid had a very brief appearance in Attack Of The Clones and can be seen in the background right before Anakin and Padme arrive at Watto's shop.

R4-J1 has the typical 5 astromech joints (dome, 2 legs, 2 ankles) and a very nice paint application with a bit of "Tatooine dirt" on the legs and body. You can remove R4-J1's middle leg and have him stand on two. All three legs have little rolls in them, so you can move the figure around in your set-up. There is no sensor scope in the dome, hence no clicking sound when you turn the dome.

There were no weapons or accessories included with the droid. All in all, it's another decent astromech droid which has not been done before and should please all fans who collect figures which appeared in the movies.


There was no packaging text for R4-J1. The figure was a BAD (build-a-droid) figure and could only be obtained when figures with all the individual parts were purchased and then assembled.

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