R4-H5 (Droid Factory) - The Legacy Collection 2008



This R4-H5 figure was released in 2008 as a Walmart exclusive together with a Kit Fisto figure. The droid was supposed to be part of the Battle Of Geonosis, but never appeared on screen.

The droid has 5 joints (dome with clicking sound, 2 legs, 2 ankles), and you can put him on two legs by unplugging the middle leg. All of his legs have little rolls in them, so you can move the astromech droid around on your shelf. When you turn the dome, a sensor scope in his dome moves in and out, which is a nice little extra. None of the panels are removable and there are no hidden gadgets other than the sensor scope. Hasbro didn't include any weapons or accessories with the figure.

The paint application is well done with some dirt applied around the legs and some light scratches here and there on the actual body. This figure is a good example how a very subtle, but nice paint job can add drastically to a figure's appearance. All in all, this is a nice astromech droid and looks quite nice next to the Kit Fisto figure.


Jedi Master Kit Fisto is equally comfortable in air or water. R4-H5 flies in Fisto's starfighter to help navigate to help navigate and repair the ship.

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