R7-T1 (The Black Fleet Crisis) - The Legacy Collection 2008



This R7-T1 figure was a build-a-droid figure and was released during The Legacy Collection's wave 2 which was based on The Clone Wars. The astromech droid appeared in The Black Fleet Crisis Novel "Before The Storm" written by Michael P. Kube-McDowell, which deals with the events after The Return Of The Jedi.

R7-T1 has the typical 5 astromech joints (dome, 2 legs, 2 ankles) and a very cleanly applied paint application with no dirty or battle damage markings. Hasbro included two booster rockets with the droid which can be plugged into the sides of each leg. They sit a bit loose but look overall OK. In order to have R7-T1 stand on two legs you have to remove the middle leg. All three legs have little rolls in them, so you can move the figure around in your diorama.

There were no weapons or accessories included other than the booster rockets. All in all, it's another decent astromech droid, which will most likely appeal to fans of the Expanded Universe or fans of The Black Fleet Crisis novels.


There was no packaging text for R7-T1. The figure was a BAD (build-a-droid) figure and could only be obtained when figures with all the individual parts were purchased and then assembled.

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