R2-T0 (The Phantom Menace) - The Legacy Collection 2008



R2-T0 was released as a Walmart exclusive figure in a 2-pack together with Watto in 2008. The astromech droid is based on behind the scenes pictures of The Phantom Menace and never appears on screen in the actual movie.

The droid has the typical astromech joints (dome, 2 legs, 3 ankles), and when you move the dome, the middle leg moves in and out. The paint application seems a bit wild at first, but when compared to the version which was made for the actual movie, it looks like as if it comes pretty close. There were no weapons or any kind of accessories included with the droid.

All in all, it's a decent figure which has not been released before and therefore it'll please collectors and fans of The Phantom Menace alike.


Watto sells used droids and mechanical parts in his shop on Tatooine. One of the droids for sale is R2-T0.

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