R5-A2 (Mos Eisley) - The Legacy Collection 2009



Astromech Droid R5-A2 was a build-a-droid figure and was released during the The Legacy Collection's wave 5 which consisted of figures based on the original Star Wars movie. R5-A2 has the astromech typical 5 joints (dome, 2 legs, 2 ankles) and a clean, orange/white/silver/black paint application with small, nicely applied red markings on both legs. There are no dirt marks anywhere on the figure. If you own any other astromech droid figures, you might notice that there is no clicking sound when you turn the dome.

All three legs have little rolls in them, so you can move R5 around. Sometimes, these little rolls stand out a bit too much in some astromech figures, and when placed on only two legs, the droid might lean a bit forward or backward. This is not the case here, and the figure stands very well when the middle leg is removed. Hasbro didn't include any accessories or weapons, and the little antenna sticking out of the dome is not removable.

All things considered, this is a great figure, and best of all, this R5-A2 was actually seen in the original Star Wars movie, which will certainly please fans of the Original Trilogy!


There was no packaging text for R5-A2. The figure was a BAD (build-a-droid) figure and could only be obtained when figures with all the individual parts were purchased and then assembled.

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