C-3PX (Star Wars: Droids) - The Legacy Collection 2008



This C-3PX figure was released as a Walmart exclusive "build-a-droid" figure, and could only be obtained when all six 2-packs were purchased, since each of them contained individual pieces of the figure.

The droid has 14 joints, including a ball-jointed upper body. The Protocol Droid (re-programmed to be an Assassin Droid) stands securely on it's own and doesn't require any additional support. Even though the figure has 14 joints, they are well hidden and tight. The paint application is simple, yet nicely applied and gives the Protocol Droid a clean, golden look with a pretty plain looking X on his forehead.

There were no accessories or any weapons included with this figure, but as you can see from the pictures, the droid has all kinds of blasters attached to his body. All these weapons are not movable, or removable. All things considered, this C-3PX figure is well done, and an awesome release for fans of the Expanded Universe.


There was no packaging text for C-3PX. The figure was a BAD (build-a-droid) figure and could only be obtained when figures with all the individual parts were purchased and then assembled.

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