Clone Trooper (212th Attack Battalion) - The Clone Wars Collection #19, 2008

Clone Trooper


This 212th Attack Battalion Clone Trooper with orange/yellow markings was released individually carded in the basic Clone Wars figure line-up in 2008, and was later that year repacked 4x together with Obi-Wan Kenobi in a Target exclusive Battlepack.

The figure is super articulated with 14 joints, including a ball-jointed waist, and ball-jointed wrists! The trooper is kept clean, so there is no battle damage or any kind of scratches on him, except for a little bit of dirt on his boots. The Clone Trooper's helmet is not removable, and the weapons fit nicely into the Clone's hands. The figure has peg holes in the feet, but it stands securely without any additional help. All in all, this is another solid, super articulated Clone Trooper figure.

Side note: There were no differences in the mold when compared to the individually carded figure. The paint application is basically the same as well, except for that this version doesn't have the little blue/black stripes on the side of the helmet. There were also a few differences in the weapons packed-in with the figures, most notably is the missing rocket launcher which was included with the carded release, but not with the battlepack figures.


This elite battalion of Clone Troopers is distinguished by the yellow-orange marking on their battle armor. Led by Obi-Wan Kenobi, the 212th has taken part in many key battles during the Clone Wars.

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