Imperial Navy Commander (Star Wars) - The Black Series 3.75" #14, 2015

Imperial Navy Commander


  • This Imperial Navy Commander was released individually carded
  • The figure is a re-release of the Imperial Navy Commander from the 2012 The Vintage Collection
  • The only difference which we could find between both figures was a small part number printed on the back of the left thigh on this figure
  • This Imperial Navy Commander is a representation of a "generic" Imperial Navy Trooper instead of a Commander
  • The Commander seen in Star Wars on the Death Star wore a grey uniform (not black) - white headphones underneath the helmet - a microphone going towards the mouth - and a communication cable hanging down on the chest
  • The blaster fits well into both hands - and it fits well into the holster
  • The helmet fits nicely onto the head with the chin strap fitting right onto the chin!
  • The figure stands well without a stand
  • The Imperial Insignia on the left shoulder appears to be wrong
  • The head is nicely sculpted and the figure looks overall fantastic


Commanders in the Galactic Empire's Imperial Navy oversee powerful battle cruisers that take them on missions to crush the Rebel Alliance.

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