IG-RM (Star Wars Rebels) - Saga Legends Series #9, 2015



  • IG-RM was released in a Mission Series 2-pack
  • The other figure in this set was Cikatro Vizago
  • This IG-RM Droid can be seen in the Star Wars Rebels animated TV show
  • The figure stands about one head taller than a basic Star Wars Rebels action figure
  • The patterns on the droid match the TV counterpart overall well - but Hasbro neglected to add the red numbers which go across the droid's chest
  • There are no removable panels on IG-RM
  • Hasbro didn't include any weapons with the figure
  • IG-RM doesn't have any balancing issues
  • IG-RM is based on concept designs by Ralph McQuarrie - in 2009 Hasbro released the concept IG-88 figure - where you can see the resemblance to IG-RM


The scoundrel Cikatro Vizago, often accompanied by his IG-RM Droid bodyguards, smuggles cargo past the Imperial blockades that surround the planet Lothal.

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