Commander Gree (The Clone Wars) - Saga Legends Series #15, 2015

Commander Gree


  • Clone Commander Gree was released individually carded
  • This version of Clone Commmander Gree is based on his appearance in the Clone Wars animated TV show
  • Hasbro has released an animated-style Commander Gree in 2009 - this version here is the first realistic-style representation of Gree in Phase I armor
  • The figure's helmet is not removable
  • The strap across the chest can be pulled off the figure (it's tough to pull off - but do-able)
  • There is no weathering or dirt on the figure
  • Commander Gree can hold the small blaster well in each hand and it fits nicely into the holster
  • There was no blaster rifle included
  • Clone Commander Gree has no balancing issues


Clone Commander Gree leads the 41st Elite Corps during The Clone Wars.

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