Snowtrooper (The Empire Strikes Back) - Saga Legends Series #12, 2014



  • This realistic-style Snowtrooper was released individually carded
  • This very same figure was available outside of the United States in Spring/Summer 2014: Snowtrooper SL16
  • The Snowtrooper is able to hold the Blaster Rifle well in both hands
  • The helmet is not removable
  • The backpack can be unplugged
  • Hasbro gave this Snowtrooper only four joints - which limits its pose-ability drastically
  • The figure is sculpted well and it has no balancing issues


Snowtroopers wear specialized white armor that protects them from freezing climates and provides camouflage on snow-covered worlds. Geared for battle, Snowtroopers attack and destroy the Rebels' hidden base on the ice-covered planet Hoth.

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