CB-3D (Star Wars: General Grievous) - The Legacy Collection 2009



This astromech droid CB-3D was released as a Walmart exclusive in August 2009 together with a General Grievous figure. The droid comes with a clean paint job (no dirty deco here) and a total of 5 joints (dome, 2 legs, 2 ankles). When you rotate the dome it makes the familiar clicking sound and moves the sensor scope in and out of the dome. All three legs have little rolls in them, so you can move the droid around if you choose to do so. The middle leg can be removed, this way you can pose CB-3D in a standing pose, or with the 3rd leg attached have him be ready to roll around. There are no other hidden gadgets to be found on the droid. All in all, it's another cool astromech droid, which makes for a great background character.


In the comic Star Wars: General Grievous, the cyborg general has dark plans for a group of innocent young Padawans. At the same time, the astromech droid CB-3D assists a rogue team including the droid's master Flynn Kybo, on a mission to hunt and eliminate Grievous.

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