C1-10P "Chopper" (Star Wars Rebels) - Saga Legends Series #6, 2014

C1-10P "Chopper"


  • Astromech Droid C1-10P "Chopper" was released individually carded
  • This figure is about one astromech dome shorter than R2-D2 from the same animated-style series
  • Chopper's dome and the non-removable antenna on top of it can be rotated 360 degrees
  • There are no hidden gadgets or panels built into the droid
  • There is no middle leg
  • There are no wheels in the feet
  • The droid's likeness and the paint application on the figure are well done and match the on-screen counterpart well
  • There are no peg holes in the feet so that the figure could be placed onto a stand - luckily the figure has no balancing problems


Chopper, otherwise known as C1-10P, is an Astromech Droid on board The Ghost freighter. Chopper assists the freedom fighters at ship repair, navigation, and computer access. An older model Droid patched together with various parts, Chopper is often cranky and grumpy.

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