Princess Leia Organa (Slave Outfit) - The Black Series 6" #5, 2013


Princess Leia Organa

Slave Outfit

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  • Joint Count: 18
  • Joint Details: 1 Ball-jointed neck, 2 ball-jointed shoulders, 2 ball-jointed elbows, 2 ball-jointed wrists, 1 ball-jointed upper torso, 2 ball-jointed hips, 2 swivel-jointed thighs, 2 swivel-joints above knees, 2 swivel joints below knees, 2 ball-jointed ankles;
  • Accessory Count: 3
  • Accessory Details: Neck Chain, Vibro Axe, Force Pike;
  • This six inch scale Princess Leia (Slave Outfit) was released individually boxed
  • The chain around Leia's neck is removable (the head needs to be popped off first - which is easy to do)
  • The soft-goods skirt and the bikini top are not removable
  • Hasbro included two weapons with Leia - a vibro axe and a force pike
  • Both weapons are a good fit for Leia's hands
  • The figure is sculpted well - but the joints in the arms and legs can distract from the overall appearance
  • This however is worse in pictures than in person
  • The figure's range of motion is remarkable - and thanks to stiff joints the figure is able to hold the arms up even in more dynamic poses
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Packaging Text

Dressed as one of Jabba the Hutt's slaves, Princess Leia escapes from the Hutt's sail barge at the Pit of Carkoon.

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