Luke Skywalker (Mission Series MS09: Bespin) - Saga Legends Series 2014

Luke Skywalker


  • Luke Skywalker was released in the Mission Series 2-pack titled "Bespin"
  • The other figure in the set was Darth Vader
  • Hasbro released a Bespin Luke Skywalker only two years prior to this release - which also had 5 points of articulation
  • Both figures are very different from another - you can compare them here side by side: Luke Skywalker Bespin Comparison
  • This version of Luke is able to hold both weapons - the blaster and the lightsaber - well in both hands
  • The blaster can be stowed away in the holster
  • The figure is painted cleanly and the color tone on the outfit matches the on-screen counterpart quite well
  • Luke stands well on display without any balancing problems


Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader engage in a Lightsaber duel on Cloud City, which floats above the gas giant planet Bespin. Luke fights bravely but cannot defeat the highly-skilled Vader. Luke is dealt two blows: the loss of a hand and the shocking truth about Vader's identity.

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