Mace Windu (Jedi Council #1) Star Wars SAGA Series 2003

Mace Windu


  • Mace Windu was released in the Jedi Council 3-pack (scene 1 out of 2)
  • The other two figures in this set were Even Piell and Oppo Rancisis
  • Joints in the knees and a soft-goods skirt enable the figure to sit on the inlcuded Jedi Council chair
  • There were no weapons and no jedi robe included with the figure
  • Mace Windu stands shaky on display - but the figure has peg holes in both feet so it could be placed onto a stand


The Jedi High Council is the main interface between the Jedi and the government of the Republic. The twelve High Council members are chosen from the ranks of the Jedi Masters and represent a gathering of great minds who have proven themselves and their abilities in the service of peace and justice.

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