Y-Wing Pilot (With OTC Y-Wing Fighter) Original Trilogy Collection 2004

Y-Wing Pilot


  • This nameless Y-Wing Pilot was released together with a Y-Wing vehicle
  • The figure is a re-paint and re-work of the POTF2 Y-Wing Pilot from 2000
  • In comparison to the POTF2 pilot - this version has different markings on the helmet - and a noticeably different paint application on the outfit
  • The helmet is part of the head and not removable
  • The chest box - and the cable running from it can't be taken off the figure
  • The pilot stands well without a stand
  • The figure fits comfortably into the Y-Wing cockpit


Y-wings are durable, reliable Starfighters that excel in close-quarters combat. During the battle of Yavin, Y-wing squadrons were influential in helping to defeat the Death Star threat. Designated attack fighters, Y-wings went one-to-one with imperial fighters as the Rebels attempted to reach the battle station's vulnerable exhaust port. Jon "Dutch" Vander was Gold Leader of the Y-wing Gold Squadron during the Battle of Yavin, fighting bravely against the powerful Imperial forces.

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