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This Ugnaught figure was released in June of 1998 packed-in together with another Ugnaught action figure. This version has 4 joints (head, 2 arms, waist) and came with a Tool Kit. The Ugnaught's legs are molded together and can't be moved individually. Because of this, the figure stands very safely on it's own, and you will not need a stand. The figure can hold the Tool Kit safely with the left hand, the right hand is basically useless because it's molded with the palm open. The facial sculpt looks pretty detailed overall, and the paint application works nicely as well. Considering it's age (11 years as of this review), this Ugnaught is still a decent figure which will look quite nicely in any Carbon Freezing diorama, even among more modern figures.

Packaging Text

Ugnaughts, the humanoid species found on Bespin's Cloud City, manned the controls of the freezing chambers where Han Solo was encased in carbonite.

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