2-1B (Medical Droid) The Power Of The Force 1997



This Medical Droid 2-1B figure was released during the POTF2 series in early 1997. The droid came with a Medical Diagnostic Computer, which he can hold safely with either hand. The figure has a total of six basic joints (head, 2 arms, waist, side-way swivel legs), which was typical at the time. The see-through body and the see through neck/head look nice, especially when you have a little bluish light set up right behind the droid. The cable, which runs from the chest area into 2-1B's mouth device can be unplugged on the chest, but it's permanently attached to the mouth piece. The paint application is very basic, but the color scheme gives the medical droid a somewhat used appearance. Kenner captured the aesthetics and the medical droid's likeness nicely with this figure, and if there were a few more joints (especially in the elbows and wrists), this figure would have been a 10 out of 10. But, even despite that, it can easily be recommended.


Kenner did not provide a background story or packaging text for the 2-1B Medical Droid.

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