Bossk (The Empire Strikes Back) - Original Trilogy Collection #28, 2004



  • Bounty Hunter Bossk was released individually carded
  • This figure is a re-release of the Bossk action figure from early 2004
  • The neck collar and the vest are not removable
  • Bossk is unable to hold the included blaster rifle in either hand (it's possible to somewhat squeeze it in between the arm and the body)
  • The bounty hunter stands well without help from the included stand


Bossk is a fearsome and heavily armed bounty hunter who tracks his quarry throughout the galaxy. He is hired by the evil Imperial Lord Darth Vader to capture the heroic Rebels who escape in the Millennium Falcon. Even though he is notorious in the galaxy for being a skilled hunter, he does not succeed in capturing Han Solo and the other Rebels.

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