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EV-9D9 Review

EV-9D9, the female Torture Droid from Jabba's Palace was released during the Power Of The Force 2 toy line in August of 1997. Included with the figure was a control console which the droid could "operate". Compared with modern times where Star Wars figures have more than 10 joints on average, EV-9D9 can't keep up with her old school 5 joints. The figure feels unnaturally stiff. Kenner included the droid's 3rd eye (two are very close together, just like in the movie) and paid close attention to other details as well, such as the droid's "rip-cage" on each side and the two bumps located on the back of her head. The figure has peg holes in the feet, but it stands securely without any additional help. The paint application is pretty basic and should have given the droid more of a dirty, rusty, old feeling than a close to pristine look. All in all, it's a good addition to any Jabba The Hutt diorama, and as of 2009, this EV-9D9 figure is the only that has been produced based on this specific character.

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EV-9D9 is ideally suited to its job as cyborg taskmaster in Jabba the Hutt's palace. It was one of many droids in service to the crime lord.

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