Battle Droid (Clone Wars) - The Clone Wars Collection #9, 2013

Battle Droid


  • This animated-style Battle Droid was released individually carded
  • The figure pictured here was only available in international markets - it was not sold in the United States
  • The figure is based on the Battle Droid from 2008
  • This time Hasbro gave the figure a different paint application - added two more joints in the forearms and enabled the figure to balance out better
  • The droid's backpack can be removed
  • The blaster fits well into both hands
  • The droid can't be placed into a "sleeping position"
  • This battle droid stands surprisingly well - despite it's petite frame


Battle Droids are deployed across the galaxy by the Separatists. The Droids are designed for mass production, ensuring that the Separatists always have a vast army at their disposal to fight the Republic's Clone Trooper forces.

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