Imperial Scanning Crew (Death Star Scanning Crew 2-pack) - The Vintage Collection 2013

Imperial Scanning Crew


  • This Imperial Technician was released in a K-Mart exclusive 2-pack titled "Death Star Scanning Crew"
  • The other figure in the set was an Imperial Officer
  • This Imperial Technician is a re-work of the Imperial Scanning Crew Technician from 2009 - it now comes with a different head
  • Unfortunately - the figure reviewed here had some paint problems where both sideburns were missing color
  • The figure's blaster is a good fit for the holster
  • The Imperial is able to hold the blaster well in both hands
  • The hat is not removable
  • The scanning crew cart is a re-release of the cart which was included with the Imperial Scanning Crew Technician in 2009
  • The cart is well painted and nicely detailed
  • The top part of the cart was included with the other K-Mart exclusive 2-pack titled "Imperial Scanning Crew" - which was available at the same time


The Millennium Falcon is captured by the Death Star. A scanning crew checks the ship for crew or Droids, while an Imperial officer monitors the investigation.

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