FA-4 (Attack Of The Clones) - The Legacy Collection 2013 2013



  • Droid pilot FA-4 was released in an Amazon exclusive 7-pack in the Fall of 2013
  • The other six figures in the set included a Battle Droid - a Tie Fighter Pilot - FA-4 - TC-70 - a Sandtrooper - Sun Fac and a 212th Attack Battalion Clone Trooper
  • FA-4 is Count Dooku's Solar Sailer pilot in Attack Of The Clones
  • The figure is well sculpted and captures the likeness of the droid from the movie very well
  • The paint application is well applied - but it seems too dark when compared to the movie counterpart
  • The droid doesn't have any functional wheels in the feet
  • FA-4 has no balancing issues and the figure appears to have the correct hight in comparison with other Star Wars action figures (about one head shorter)
  • All in all - this never-before-done droid turned out nicely and can easily be recommended


FA-4 is Count Dooku's Pilot Droid on board the count's solar sailer, an interstellar sloop and a gift to Dooku from the Geonosians. When Dooku makes his escape from Geonosis after battling Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, it is the Pilot Droid FA-4 who operates the controls of Dooku's interstellar sloop.

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