Boba Fett (Comic 2-pack #2 With IG-88) The Shadows Of The Empire 1996

Boba Fett


This Boba Fett action figure was released by Kenner in 1996 as part of a Shadows Of The Empire comic 2-pack along with IG-88. Boba has 6 joints total, a jetpack, a blaster and a removable hard-plastic cape. The jetpack can be firmly attached to Boba's back, his blaster fits nicely into either hand, and the cape wraps firmly around the neck. Boba has no balancing issues despite the jetpack on his back. Unfortunately though, due to the lack of joints, you won't be able to position him much differently. For it's time it was a great Boba Fett figure, but the bulky, He-man type look certainly does not appeal to modern collectors anymore (if it ever has ...).


Boba Fett, infamous bounty hunter and weapons master, vanished from sight after Darth Vader turned over the frozen body of Han Solo. Boba Fett was expected to deliver his bounty to Jabba the Hutt's palace on the planet Tatooine some time ago. Knowing the value of his shipment and the various hunters determined to take it from him, Fett disappeared into the mists of the galaxy's Outer Rim to bide his time. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Princess Leia search the galaxy for his ship, Slave I, with the hopes of freeing Solo from his carbonite prison, fearless, clever, and always full of surprises, even the Empire cannot pinpoint this master hunter's whereabouts.

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