Commando Droid (Clone Wars) - The Clone Wars Collection #16, 2009

Commando Droid


Commando Droids have been featured in the Clone Wars animated TV show throughout various different episodes. This Commando Droid action figure was released in July 2009 as part of the basic Clone Wars figure assortment. The droid has 13 joints, including a ball-jointed head, and a separately articulated neck joint which can be moved back and forth. The blaster fits nicely into both of the droid's hands, and it can be plugged into the back, so he can carry it around with him. The paint application is not spectacular but cleanly applied. Thanks to ball-jointed legs, knees and ankles, you can adjust the Commando Droid's stance easily so that he can stand on his own without additional support. Overall, it's a cool looking droid, which looks just like it did in the Clone Wars TV show.


Commando droids land on the Rishi moon to attack a Republic outpost. Designed for surprise assaults, the droids quickly overwhelm the new clone trooper recruits stationed there. With this strategic outpost now in Separatist hands, General Grievous has everything in position to launch a surprise attack anywhere in the Outer Rim.

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