Darth Vader (Comic 2-pack #1 With Prince Xisor) - The Shadows Of The Empire 1996

Darth Vader


This Darth Vader action figure was released in a comic 2-pack in 1996 together with Prince Xizor. The figure features 6 joints, a hard-plastic cape, and a red lightsaber. The wavy cape fits nicely around Vader's neck, and gives him a more dynamic pose. The lightsaber fits nicely into either hand. The figure has some balancing problems, but Kenner included peg holes in his feet so that he can be placed on a stand. If you position the cape right, it might help you balance him out a bit as well. Darth Vader's paint application is pretty basic overall, and the figure's physic reminds us more of He-Man from The Masters Of The Universe than Darth Vader. Compared with modern action figures, this Darth Vader feels pretty outdated, and there are definitely more detailed and more articulated versions of the Sith Lord on the market today. However, this figure is unique due to the pre-positioned legs and the wavy cape.


Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, has instilled terror throughout the galaxy since the beginning of the Empire. His devotion to the Emperor and mastery of the dark side gives him more power than any single individual in the galaxy except for the Emperor himself. Draped completely in black and wielding the ability to take a life with a mere gesture, Darth Vader stands as the incarnation of evil. His dislike of Prince Xizor is intense and his distrust well-founded. Though Vader would gladly eliminate Xizor, Emperor Palpatine has need of Black Sun's shipping operations to speed construction of the new Death Star. Xizor had best watch his back however, as Vader's control of the dark side of the Force makes him a most formidable foe.

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