Mars Guo (Tatooine Podrace) The Saga Collection #51, 2006

Mars Guo


  • Mars Guo (Tatooine Podrace) was released individually carded - but packed-in together with Dud Bolt
  • Mars Guo's goggles fit very well over the head
  • The blaster fits only OK into the right hand - it doesn't fit into the left
  • Due to the small feet - Mars Guo can't stand well
  • Hasbro included a stand with the figure - but unfortunately the holes in the feet are too small and it doesn't fit well onto the peg


These two prodigiously-snouted racers compete in the same Podrace in which Anakin Skywalker wins his freedom from slavery. Dud Bolt, a shameless toady, is actually paid by the nefarious Sebulba to cause accidents during the race GÇô a job that lands him in a Mos Espa med center. Mars Guo falls victim to Sebulba's own treachery when the cheating Dug pitches a chunk of debris into his engine intake.

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