C-3PO (Battle Of Endor - The Saga Collection, 2006)



Battle Of Endor

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  • Joint Count: 8
  • Joint Details: Ball-jointed neck, 2 swivel arms, ball-jointed waist, 2 ball-jointed legs, 2 swivel knees;
  • Accessory Count: 5
  • Accessory Details: Throne, 2 wooden poles, Stand, Random Holographic Figure;
  • C-3PO (Battle Of Endor) was released individually carded
  • Pictured here is the first released version - where the knees are unpainted (the second and corrected release had the knees painted in silver and gold to match the rest of C-3PO's plating)
  • 3PO fits onto the included Ewok throne - but not very well
  • The throne comes with two "wooden" poles which can be attached to it - so that Ewoks can carry it
  • The figure's hands are unable to hold anything
  • The neck is ball-jointed - but the head can mainly just be moved left and right
  • C-3PO is sculpted nicely and captures the likeness of the droid quite well
  • The droid stands securely without needing help from the included stand
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Packaging Text

No one was more surprised than C-3PO by the sudden manifestation of godlike powers brought on by the golden droid's frustration at being unable to convince the Ewoks to free his friends. Then his sudden short - Force-induced flight around the village drove the superstitious Ewoks into a panic. After that - he was able to make his lack of interest in a delicious meal made up of Han - Luke - and Chewbacca fully understood.

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