Darth Vader (Battle Of Endor) - The Saga Collection #45, 2006

Darth Vader


  • This Darth Vader (Battle Of Endor) was released individually carded
  • The figure is a slight re-work (removable right arm with wiring) and repaint (buttons on the chest box) of the in 2001 released Darth Vader figure from the Power Of The Jedi series
  • Darth Vader can hold the lightsaber in both hands
  • The Force Lightning can be loosely placed over Vader's head - which works OK
  • The figure stands well without a stand
  • The plastic cloak is removable


Darth Vader is originally sent to prepare the new Death Star for the arrival of his Master, Emperor Palpatine. It is with great pleasure that he delivers Luke Skywalker into the presence of the Emperor. Ironically, it is Luke's conviction that there is still good in him that allows him to turn his bitterness at the Emperor's inevitable betrayal into a final, heroic act.

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