Owen Lars (Lars' Homestead) The Legacy Collection #46, 2009

Owen Lars


The young Owen Lars was seen in Attack Of The Clones and at the end of The Revenge Of The Sith. The figure was released in June of 2009 as part of Hasbro's basic action figure assortment, and it included a removable soft-goods robe which fits nicely, but may come across as a bit too bulky. Owen can not hold the blaster rifle in a shooting position, it's too long and doesn't provide Owen with a grip. Why Hasbro decided to include an accessory that was never seen in combination with Owen Lars in any of the movies, and an accessory the figure can't even use in any way is everybody's guess. Hasbro gave this figure 12 joints, lacking only ankle articulation. Owen Lars can stand by himself securely and doesn't need a stand. The head sculpt is done nicely and the paint application compliments the overall appearance. All in all it's a decent Owen Lars figure which has never been done before by Hasbro.


Owen isnGÇÖt surprised when his stepbrother Anakin Skywalker arrives at the Lars moisture farm on Tatooine in search of his mother. He wishes, however, that the Lars family had better news to deliver about Shmi to her Jedi son.

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