Commander Cody (Battle Of Utapau - The Saga Collection, 2006)


Commander Cody

Battle Of Utapau

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  • Joint Count: 12
  • Joint Details: Ball-jointed neck, 2 swivel arms, 2 ball-jointed elbows, 2 swivel wrists, ball-jointed waist, 2 swivel legs, 2 ball-jointed knees;
  • Accessory Count: 5
  • Accessory Details: Blaster, Blaster Rifle, Backpack, Stand, Random Holographic Figure;
  • Commander Cody (Battle Of Utapau) was released individually carded
  • Cody's helmet is removable and it fits well over the head
  • Both weapons - the blaster and the blaster rifle - fit only very loosely into the figure's hands
  • Commander Cody's backpack can be plugged into a small hole in the back of the figure
  • None of the armor pieces are removable
  • Commander Cody stands shaky without balancing help from the included display stand
  • This version of Commander Cody did not come with an Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber hilt
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Packaging Text

Armed and ready for battle - Commander Cody orders his forces to mark their posts and maintain their positions at all costs. They're in for a real firefight with the Separatist droid armies who are protecting General Grievous on Utapau. Although his current mission is to protect Obi-Wan Kenobi - this commander and his troops will later change allegiances.

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