General Veers (Battle Of Hoth) The Saga Collection #7, 2006

General Veers


  • General Veers (Battle Of Hoth) was released individually carded
  • In addition to General Veer's Imperial Outfit - Hasbro included additional chest armor and a helmet - this way General Veer's look can be recreated from when he was on the Stardestroyer Executor or when he was inside the AT-AT during the Battle Of Hoth
  • The chest armor can be snapped onto the chest easily - which works great
  • The helmet can simply be placed onto the head - over the Imperal Cap
  • Veers can hold his blaster well in the right hand - but not in the left
  • The blaster is a good fit for the holster
  • The Imperial Cap is not removable
  • General Veers stands nicely on display without any balancing issues


General Maximillian Veers is a stern military man who is determined to do his part in the dismantling of the Rebel Alliance. Following Darth Vader's orders to destroy the Rebel shield and power generators at their secret base, Veers clears the way for Vader's landing on the ice planet Hoth.

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