Captain Typho (Head Of Security) - The Legacy Collection #47, 2009

Captain Typho


Captain Gregar Typho was released in June 2009 as part of the Attack Of The Clones wave in The Legacy Collection. The figure came with a blaster, a commlink, and a removable hat. The hat fits nicely onto Typho's head, but it doesn't sit very tightly, so it might come off every now and then when you are repositioning the figure. The commlink can be plugged into the belt nicely, and it stays firmly attached. It's fairly small, and even though Typho can hold it with either hand, it's very likely that it'll fall down as soon as you move the figure. Hasbro paid close attention to the blaster and how Captain Typho carries it. They've included a little hole on the side where the blaster can be plugged in, and you can have it hang down just the way it was seen in the movie. This is a nice little detail which fans will appreciate! The figure can hold the blaster tightly with either hand. Captain Typho's eye patch is part of the face and can not be removed. There are no balancing problems at all, and the paint is cleanly applied. Overall, this is a very nice figure, with plenty of articulation and details which will please collectors.


Gregar Typho is Senator Padme AmidalaGÇÖs head of security and an able starfighter pilot. He is diligent and capable in the performance of his duties, yet he is up against devious enemies who will stop at nothing to eliminate Padme.

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