Padmé Amidala (The Padme Amidala Legacy) - The Legacy Collection 2008

Padmé Amidala


This figure of Padme can be considered the definite version of this character, based on the appearance in The Attack Of The Clones. Hasbro gave the figure plenty of movable parts, the likeness to Natalie Portman is spot on, the soft goods cape fits perfectly, and the blaster fits perfectly into the holster. The figure can stand by itself without any problems. This is probably one of the best figures released in 2008.


Padme devoted her life to the people of Naboo and became a key figure in the dramatic events that changed the galaxy. Her courage and compassion deeply affected those around her, and was the pivotal legacy she gave to her children, Luke and Leia. While Queen of Naboo, Padme stood up against the Trade Federation's siege of her planet. As a Senator, Padme fought to keep the Republic from falling into war. Her last act was to give birth to the twins who would fulfill her legacy by restoring peace to the galaxy.

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