Galactic Marine (Star Wars Republic #79) - The 30th Anniversary Collection 2007

Galactic Marine


  • This Galactic Marine was released in a Comic 2-pack together with Clone Commander Keller
  • Both characters can be seen in the Star Wars Republic comic book series
  • This figure is a repaint of the 30th Anniversary Collection Galactic Marine action figure
  • The figure's shoulder pauldron is removable
  • The backpack plugs well into a hole in the back of the figure
  • The helmet is a very good fit
  • The figure can hold the blaster rifle tightly in both hands
  • The Galactic Marine stands nicely without help from a stand


The Clone Wars are over. The Galactic Republic army is defeated, and Order 66 has eliminated most of the Jedi or forced them into hiding. Wild rumors are spreading that the Jedi tried to overthrow the government and cannot be trusted. On the planet Toola in the Outer Rim, Commander Keller is hunting down two fugitive Jedi who survived Order 66. With the help of a Galactic Marine, Keller tracks them through the deep snow as they head toward Ithaqua Station.

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