R2-D2 (Star Wars Marvel #4) - The 30th Anniversary Collection 2007



  • R2-D2 was released in a Comic 2-pack together with Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise
  • Both characters can be seen in the vintage Marvel STAR WARS comic book series
  • R2-D2 has a 360 degree rotatable dome which makes a clicking sound
  • When the dome is rotated - the middle leg will move in and out of the droid
  • All three feet have small wheels in them
  • There are no hidden panels or gadgets built into R2-D2
  • The very top of the dome has a blue see-through piece of plastic in it - which lets light shine through and then "lights up" the front eye


Luke, Han, and Chewbacca have rescued Princess Leia, but now they have to escape from the Death Star! After being hunted by stormtroopers and narrowly escaping a crushing end in a garbage masher, the four are reunited with the droids and nearing the safety of the Millennium Falcon. But tragedy looms as they watch Darth Vader and Ben Kenobi face each other in a lightsaber duel to the death!

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