BB-8 (2-Pack #2 With Poe Dameron) Star Wars Resistance 2019



  • This animated version of BB-8 was released in January 2019 in a 2-pack together with Poe Dameron
  • The figure is based on his appearance in the Star Wars Resistance TV series
  • The antenna on the dome is not removable
  • The dome is attached to the body via a ball-joint which allows for a 360° and back and forth movement
  • Although the bottom of the body was slightly flattened it loves to fall over and roll away, you need to find the sweet-spot to balance BB-8 out just right


A hotshot X-wing pilot for the Resistance, Poe Dameron is a natural leader who keeps an eye on the crew of the Colossus. When Poe sets out on his own missions, he leaves behind BB-8, a rolling BB unit whose spherical shell is packed with useful tools and computer interface equipment, to work alongside Kaz and the rest of the crew.

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