Rebel Vanguard Trooper (Star Wars Battlefront) - The 30th Anniversary Collection #53, 2007

Rebel Vanguard Trooper


  • The Rebel Vanguard Trooper (Rebel Soldier) was released individually carded
  • The figure captures the likeness of a Star Wars Battlefront video game character
  • The trooper's black vest is removable
  • The blaster fits OK into the hands - but it is too big in order to fit into the holster properly
  • The bandolier going across the chest is not removable
  • The helmet fits loosely onto the head
  • Surprisingly - the figure is able to hold the big rocket launcher in the right hand without loosing its balance
  • The Rebel Vanguard Trooper stands nicely without help from a stand


These Rebel soldiers are demolitions experts who specialize in destroying Imperial ground and air vehicles. Always given the tough assignments, they employ heavy weapons capable of causing significant damage and destruction that will weaken the advance of Imperial vehicles in battle.

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