Umpass-Stay (Return Of The Jedi) - The 30th Anniversary Collection #27, 2007



  • Drummer Umpass-Stay was released individually carded
  • The figure was packed-in together with one side of a drum
  • A few years after this figure came out - Hasbro released another figure - Ak-Rev - which also contained one half of a drum
  • If you purchased both figures - it was possible to have a complete set - a full drum - with each side having a drummer
  • Umpass-Stay stands nicely on his own without help from a stand
  • The plastic hood and the armor are removable
  • The figure can hold the drumstick well in both hands
  • Umpass-Stay is a nicely detailed figure and complements any Jabba's Palace display beautifully


Umpass-Stay is a percussionist who plays with the Max Rebo Band. Because Klatooinians revere great age, they are in awe of species such as the Hutts who live for centuries. He worked as Jabba's spy before being put in the band to protect the Hutt from his many enemies.

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