Darth Vader (With Coin Album) - The 30th Anniversary Collection #1, 2007


Darth Vader

With Coin Album

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  • Joint Count: 10
  • Joint Details: Swivel neck, swivel right arm, ball-jointed left shoulder, swivel right elbow, 2 swivel forearms, swivel waist, 2 swivel legs;
  • Accessory Count: 3
  • Accessory Details: Lightsaber, Coin, Coin Album;
  • This Darth Vader action figure was released individually carded
  • The figure is a re-release of the Revenge Of The Sith Darth Vader action figure from 2005
  • Vader was packed together with the 30th Anniversary Coin album
  • The figure can hold the red lightsaber well in the right hand
  • The red blade is not removable from the lightsaber
  • The soft-goods cape and the soft-goods inner robe are not removable from the figure
  • The helmet and the chest armor with the shoulder bells are not removable
  • When both of Darth Vader's legs are squeezed together - the right arm will move up and down
  • Vader stands well without help from a stand
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Packaging Text

These highly trained bodyguards are assigned to the Royal Palace, where they guard the Queen, the Advisory Council, and other members of the court. Their exceptional combat skills are acquired on direct battle experience on other worlds.

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