Hermi Odle (Return Of The Jedi) - The 30th Anniversary Collection #29, 2007

Hermi Odle


  • Hermi Odle was released individually carded
  • The figure is a little taller than a basic Star Wars figure and about two to three times as wide
  • The soft-goods cape and scarf are permanently attached to each other and to the figure
  • The figure can be displayed with the mouth open or closed
  • The force pike fits well into the right hand
  • Hermi Odle stands very nicely without help from a stand


Hermi Odle is an expert at crafting weapons and helps fortify Jabba's palace against attack from the Hutt's many enemies. When Jabba attempts to execute the Rebels at the Pit of Carkoon, Odle defends the sail barge with a stun weapon. However, he accidentally stuns one of Jabba's skiff guards, thus inadvertently helping the Rebels.

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