CZ-4 (Return Of The Jedi) - The 30th Anniversary Collection #26, 2007



  • CZ-4 was released individually carded
  • The figure is sculpted nicely and Hasbro managed to hide the figure's joints very well
  • The paint application is done well with lots of weathering and dirt on the figure
  • CZ-4 stands nicely on its own without needing help from a display stand
  • There were no weapons or accessories included (except for the collectors coin)


Originally a simple CZ-series communication droid, CZ-4 has been modified by Jabba the Hutt to continually scan the environment and warn the crime lord of imminent attack. The strain of doing Jabba's bidding has taken its toll, and now the droid lies in pieces in the bowels of the palace until Jabba wants to use him again.

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