Luke Skywalker (With Moisture Vaporator) - The 30th Anniversary Collection #18, 2007

Luke Skywalker


  • This Luke Skywalker was released individually carded
  • Hasbro managed to include an entire Moisture Vaporator with the figure - which is amazing!
  • The Moisture Vaporator consists of 7 pieces which need to be assembled (easy!)
  • There were two weapons included with Luke - a basic blue lightsaber - and a non-ignited lightsaber hilt
  • Both sabers fit well into Luke's hands
  • The hilt can be plugged into a small hole in the belt - which looks and works great
  • Luke stands well without any balancing


On a desert planet like Tatooine, water is a precious commodity. Moisture farmers earn a living extracting water from the air to use or resell. But Luke was never happy with the life of a moisture farmer and dreamed of leaving home to attend the Imperial Space Academy and become a pilot.

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