General McQuarrie (The Empire Strikes Back) - The 30th Anniversary Collection #40, 2007

General McQuarrie


  • General McQuarrie was released individually carded
  • The hat fits over the head - but it's a bit too short in the back and leans forward a bit
  • The blaster is an OK fit for the holster and for the right hand (it doesn't fit into the left hand)
  • The head sculpt looks great and captures Ralph McQuarrie's likeness very - very well
  • There are no balancing problems


Hailing from the prosperous planet of Ralltiir, General Pharl McQuarrie watches as his world is crushed in the iron-fisted grasp of the Empire. He joins the Rebel Alliance and helps establish the Rebels' new base on Hoth, working closely with his friend Jeroen Webb.

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