R4-H18 (Holiday 2018) - The Disney Collection 2018



  • Astromech Droid R4-H18 was released exclusively in Disney Theme Parks during the Holiday 2018 season
  • Disney gave this astromech droid a snowy white and see-through appearance with silver highlights and edges
  • R4-H18 stands for "R4 - Holiday 2018"
  • The drinking tray rests nicely on both of the astromech droid's legs
  • There were seven glasses included (2 x blue, 2 x red, 2 x green, 1 x yellow)
  • All the glasses are attached to the tray via pegs, but they can easily be taken off
  • The droid's dispenser arm plugs into a hole in the top of the dome
  • R4-H18's dome is removable and when taken off reveals some mechanics inside the droid's head
  • The droid has no hidden gadgets or panels built in
  • The middle leg can be removed
  • All three feet have wheels in the bottom so that the droid can be rolled around


All different types of droids populate the Star Wars galaxy. Each droid is different and has their own unique personality and colors.

This droid faithfully serves the elite guests at the casino city known as Canto Bight. Join R4-H18 on his adventures throughout the galaxy.

May the Force be with you ... and your Droids!

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